THIEF by Terry Ann Wright

I stole your manuscript
just because I could.
How unethical I am! No surprise, to you
I read it in the Laundromat
looking for references to me.
A plastic owl flexed its talon
and I winked in recognition.
And you called me your old romantic rival.

Do I sit in your lap at breakfast?
I wonder which house you stayed in
and already prepare my lie.
Do we share the same towels?
Surreptitiously I sniff them, looking
for that underbaked sugar cookie
smell that always meant you.
You were here first. You were here better.
Your poems were marbles clacking together.

has been published most recently in Redheaded Stepchild, DIAGRAM, and Into the Teeth of the Wind. A native of Pennsylvania, she resides in Southern California and puts her film degree to excellent use by hosting “Pajamarama!” Storytime at her local bookstore.


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