PEEPSHOW by Daniel Romo

Part the curtains like the legs of a new lover,
—someone you could possibly care for.
Stare through the skin
as if the body held hostage by impulse,
    and the organs only live to tell about it.

    Images on the screen are closer than they appear.
    They hit home hard: like sooty sledgehammers.

Relax. Alone.
    Enjoy the show

DANIEL ROMO teaches high school creative writing, and lives in Long Beach, CA.  His recent poems can be found in Fogged Clarity, Praxilla, and Message in a Bottle.  He is an MFA candidate in poetry at Antioch University, and will be featured this spring in an anthology of up and coming Southern California poets published by Moon Tide Press titled Pop Art: An Anthology of Orange County Poetry.  More of his writing can be found at Peyote Soliloquies


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