ACTUARY by Richard A. Becker

Whatever you may do, in a lifetime of doing stupid things
Do not, under any circumstances, do this:

Use a Texas Instruments 10-digit scientific calculator
To enumerate upon a tiny black LCD screen
The exact number of seconds left in your life
Based upon even the most generous allowance of heartbeats
Between now and the time you begin to rot

It fits

RICHARD A. BECKER is a professional writer who has worked in the home media, publishing, marketing and advertising industries.  He’s been published in places as diverse as the Spicy Slipstream Stories anthology (edited by Jay Lake and Nick Mamatas), the International Journal of Comics Art, the Unspeakable Oath and the short-lived Los Angeles Journal.  He’s also the writer of the short film CALL OF TUTU and the promoter of the Bonnie Delight Burlesque Revue.  He lives in Los Angeles, CA.


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