GLAMOUR by yt sumner

Look at this kid, will you, she’s about ten, got this smattering of freckles and even a couple of goddamn dimples. You can tell she’s always being told how cute and how grown up she is for her age. You can tell that she begins to know it so well that she adopts more adult mannerisms because it’s what pleases the grown ups. Look at how she tilts her hip as she carries her plastic bag filled with welfare toys and cigarettes. Look at that look in her eye when the greengrocer pops a grape in her mouth and slides his finger in. You just know she’s going to grow up and say it wasn’t her fault, that she’s simply a product of her childhood and that the neglect or abuse is the real reason she can’t function. You just know one night in the future she’ll kick a boyfriend out of her bed and he will say that she is fucked up, and she will scream you don’t know the half of it as her tits swing and she shoves at him and tells him she hates him while she prays he won’t leave. But for now she’s just this little kid, and everything is before she becomes a product of it and the innocence that we lose as soon as we leave the womb is still faking its glamour around her.

yt sumner likes lowercase titles and writing stories for strangers.


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