Second sun, second re-cloud, the wind into
my coniferousness , “You’ve had it for ten
years, but it seems to be accelerating,” my
night head gothicing back to the year Begin
                but never making it.

HUGH FOX was born in Chicago in 1932, Ph.D. in American Literature from the U. of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. Taught for ten years at Loyola U. in L.A. (now Loyola-Marymount), 2 years as a Fulbright Professor in Caracas, two years as Fulbright Professor in Brazil, one year in Mexico, studied (on an OAS GRANT) Latin American Literature at the U. of Buenos Aires for one year, married a Peruvian (Lucia Ungaro de Xevallos), got very involved with pre-Columbian archaeology, has 3 books on archaeology published, 50 books of poetry, novels, critical studies of Bukowski, Lifshin, etc., altogether some 114 books. His latest are a poetry book APPROACHING (Grey Sparrow Press), a novel, DEPTHS AND DRAGONS (Skylight Press in England) and a book of short stories, Camel-Lion (Gypsy Shadow Publications). He is dying from cancer, fighting it for 10 years so far, about 2-3 years left.


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