You know that feeling
when you look in the refrigerator
and you think you have two pears
and you only have one pear
and it says I am an apple
and it is holding a knife
to the throat of a pear
that’s saying Please Help Me
and you say to yourself
I guess I have one apple
and one pear after all not
two pears and no apples
or maybe two pears and
one pear wants to be an apple
I guess I also have a knife
a knife oh so terrible

RICKY GARNI is a graphic designer living in Carrboro, North Carolina. His work can be found in Evergreen Review, Camel Saloon, Used Furniture Review, Orion Headless,  and other places. His latest work, LANA CANTRELL, is an internet hit. He didn’t know that many people knew her, but know he knows that many people do or would like to.


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