HEY LADY by Robert Vaughan

I think you are all a-holes, but to the lady who responded, I say “lady” because it’s clear you are on the fucking rag. Lighten up doucher. What an angry young lady you must be. Two words: Anger Management.

Maybe you should remove the sand from your vagina, or maybe it’s full of bb’s. Would explain why you found it so offensive. Get a grip and get laid already. Stop by my mom’s house and pay me a visit in her basement. Let’s see how many of my future children I can fit inside that ugly mouth of yours. I’ll have mom make us some grilled cheese sandwiches and serve kool-aid. We’ll make a day of it.

Then I’ll get my metal detector and Mom and I can take care of those bb’s of yours.

We all win.

ROBERT VAUGHAN’S plays have been produced in N.Y.C., L.A., S.F., and Milwaukee where he resides. He leads two writing roundtables for Redbird- Redoak Studio. His prose and poetry is published or forthcoming in over 50 literary journals. He was interviewed about Flash Fiction by WUWM’s Lake Effect. His work is included in 6S MIND GAMES anthology. He is a fiction editor at jmww magazine. His blog: http://rgv7735.wordpress.com.


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