Your favorite lover’s conflicted, unfaithful;
The pupils deny it, the nighttime denies it,
Even the cat at the window denies it.
Inside, she purrs with the rhythm of engines;
While outside a vehicle sputters then ceases
To cough, while you climb from the warmth of the covers
Outside the treaty of bed to the kitchen:
Water by starlight and dishes in streetlight.
The river still flows from the faucet to toilet—
Its passage is medium, you are the message.
Alternate currents from sockets to ripples
Under the blankets—each passes the middle,
As liquid transmitted from organ to organ.
The body’s appendage: an orgasm fleeing
Death—that true faithful—the source of all echoes.
Lost in the maze of its shadows, the meanings
Obscured, you see death in your lover
And death in the rain out the window and everything
Passes from source; destination uncertain,
Passing regardless inside you, outside you.

KHAKJAAN WESSINGTON 1) Writes the Daily News Poem at, 2) Operates the deadliest literary fight club:, 3) Was contributing writer for, 4) Had a poem published at thenervousbreakdown in August of this year, 5) Has just published the Toylit Q1/Q2 2010 print edition.


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