IN THE HOUSE OF WOMEN by Terry Ann Wright

Living in the house of women one begins to see
how artfully time is wasted and what little tricks
a woman of a certain age will use to treat
the passing of the hours. Upon a table candlesticks
must move, be moved, and moved again.
Consideration must be paid and proper rank its due.
A fat one is traded out for a thin one and then
traded out once more. A complicated waltz ensues
to measure the fresh effect from every other side.
Why hours can be passed spent in serious contemplation
of whether the vase on the left must now reside
one inch to the right to complete the transformation.
The setting sun sends its rays across the wooden floor.
The lady bustles briskly by to move the vase once more.

A Pushcart Prize nominee in 2009, TERRY ANN WRIGHT has published most recently in amphibius, Redheaded Stepchild, and DIAGRAM. She is currently dedicated to ridding the world of comma splices, one college freshman at a time.


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