ALASKA by Greg Lyons

She falls on her knees to help him
smash the lid of his suitcase shut.
He pulls the tongue back, tightening
the covering with each tooth

clenched. The motion makes a noise
like the turning of an empty stomach
as if this is the first time they’ve talked
about this moment, a whisper

gasping between them. Before the zipping
completes, a sleeve spills out and she stays
his hand with her hand. He nods,
defeated. Their fingers work the sleeve back in

to zip. His bag rolls behind him and her eyes
have bags holding the luggage he has left.

GREG LYONS, an MFA graduate from University of Alaska Fairbanks, is currently teaching English at his local community college, and looking for publishers for his manuscripts Winter’s Cricket and Pieces. He keeps a blog at, and believes “We are riding a bicycle and putting it together at the same time”.


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