90,000+ mustached, hair-teased
Fanatics sardined into
The Pontiac Silverdome
The biggest event in sports 
(entertainment) history
Hulk Hogan births from backstage
Into electric bedlam
I am a real American, fight 
For the rights of every man
Tan, ripped, ball-of-fire Jesus figure
Red & yellow tornado of macho
Flamboyance Coked up, hulked
Runnin’ wild BROTHERRR!
6”8”, 294 lbs of pure American beef
Hard training, vitamins, & prayers
The hopes of little Hulkamaniacs
Harbored in the champion’s
24” pythons   A nation at stake
Against the undefeated
Frenchman, Andre the Giant
7’5”, 525 lbs of betrayal
Good vs. evil, Rocky vs. Drago, Goliath vs.
A really intense David
Their gaze fixed, laser-guided
[so much depends / upon]
A scoop slam, an atomic leg drop

CHRIS JOYNER is an MFA candidate at the University of Miami and has poems forthcoming in CaKe. Previously, he’d spent the bulk of his life in Virginia Beach, VA and worked for military brokerage companies out of college. Currently, he’s enjoying the novelty of food trucks and parasols.


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