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ARTIFACTS by Joan Glass

You keep a lock of his hair
in a box with photos and
the obituary, several
yellowing sympathy cards.
The lock of hair, it still
smells like him, you say.

How long, I wonder,
before that scent vanishes?
Do you only imagine it, even now?

I cannot bring myself to make
baby books for my children.
I did not save their teeth
in a silver box or bronze
their first pair of shoes.

Each day ends
and I am grateful.
For at night
I bury my face
in their sweet,
damp heads of hair,

cursing the idea
of artifacts.

JOAN GLASS lives and writes in coastal Connecticut. Her work has been published in Harpweaver, Conspire, Emprise Review, FZQ, Thunder Sandwich, Kota Press, Literal Latte, Precipice, and Smith College Alumnae Quarterly. She was recently accepted into the Fairfield University MFA program in Creative Writing.


BECOMING CAPTAIN AWESOME (based on a true story) by Laura LeHew

Hello my name is Greg, prepare to die. Hello my name is Greg Smith prepare to die. BORING! Hello my name is James. James Kirk. James T. Kirk, commander of the U.S.S. Enterprise. Been done. 00—Bond? Devon Christian Woodcomb, M.D. Ryan McPartlin, the actor portraying my bill-paying alter ego? I could get a hot chick.

Oh oh, I know! Forget the actors and their pseudonyms, I am Awesome! Captain Awesome. Awesome comma Captain. Mr. Captain (no middle initial) Awesome. Someday there’ll be a Mr. and Mrs. Captain (no middle initial) Awesome. Followed very shortly by Captain Jack Sparrow Awesome, Han Solo Awesome, Harry Potter, Captain Malcolm Reynolds Awesome, Clarice Starling Awesome, Ellen Ripley Awesome, Buffy The-Vampire-Slayer Awesome, and baby Lady Gaga Awesome.

I’m from Eugene, Oregon and I am no sheep, you can take that to the bank.


That is too my signature. Is so.

LAURA LEHEW is an award winning poet with 250 poems appearing over 100 national and international journals and anthologies such as Alehouse, Filling Station, Gargoyle Magazine, The Line Up, Pank, Perceptions, and the 2010 edition of the Syracuse Cultural Workers’ Women Artists Datebook. Her chapbook, Beauty, Tiger’s Eye Press, 2009 is in its 3rd printing. Laura received her MFA in writing from the California College of the Arts, writing residencies from Soapstone and the Montana Artists Refuge, interned for CALYX Journal and was nominated for a Pushcart prize. She edits Uttered Chaos and was guest editor for The Medulla Review. Laura has one husband, eight cats [Nikita (la Femme), Tessa, Mr. Socks, Baby, Dorian (yes he is grey), and the Army of Darkness (Raven, Shadow and Smoke)] and never sleeps.

UNTITLED by Michael Garman

MICHAEL GARMAN’S work can be found at   In addition to his feature work, he has inked with The Review, DuPage Democrat, Daily Kos, ChicagoNow and theSouthtownStar. He is currently illustrating a book of poetry with writer Paul Handley and has been member of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists since 2008.


Your favorite lover’s conflicted, unfaithful;
The pupils deny it, the nighttime denies it,
Even the cat at the window denies it.
Inside, she purrs with the rhythm of engines;
While outside a vehicle sputters then ceases
To cough, while you climb from the warmth of the covers
Outside the treaty of bed to the kitchen:
Water by starlight and dishes in streetlight.
The river still flows from the faucet to toilet—
Its passage is medium, you are the message.
Alternate currents from sockets to ripples
Under the blankets—each passes the middle,
As liquid transmitted from organ to organ.
The body’s appendage: an orgasm fleeing
Death—that true faithful—the source of all echoes.
Lost in the maze of its shadows, the meanings
Obscured, you see death in your lover
And death in the rain out the window and everything
Passes from source; destination uncertain,
Passing regardless inside you, outside you.

KHAKJAAN WESSINGTON 1) Writes the Daily News Poem at, 2) Operates the deadliest literary fight club:, 3) Was contributing writer for, 4) Had a poem published at thenervousbreakdown in August of this year, 5) Has just published the Toylit Q1/Q2 2010 print edition.

HEY LADY by Robert Vaughan

I think you are all a-holes, but to the lady who responded, I say “lady” because it’s clear you are on the fucking rag. Lighten up doucher. What an angry young lady you must be. Two words: Anger Management.

Maybe you should remove the sand from your vagina, or maybe it’s full of bb’s. Would explain why you found it so offensive. Get a grip and get laid already. Stop by my mom’s house and pay me a visit in her basement. Let’s see how many of my future children I can fit inside that ugly mouth of yours. I’ll have mom make us some grilled cheese sandwiches and serve kool-aid. We’ll make a day of it.

Then I’ll get my metal detector and Mom and I can take care of those bb’s of yours.

We all win.

ROBERT VAUGHAN’S plays have been produced in N.Y.C., L.A., S.F., and Milwaukee where he resides. He leads two writing roundtables for Redbird- Redoak Studio. His prose and poetry is published or forthcoming in over 50 literary journals. He was interviewed about Flash Fiction by WUWM’s Lake Effect. His work is included in 6S MIND GAMES anthology. He is a fiction editor at jmww magazine. His blog:


DAN CARROLL is the cartoonist behind Stick Figure Hamlet and The Political Machine. If you buy a copy of his book, he promises to eat a gyro while saying, “MMM, THANKS [YOUR NAME]!”


You know that feeling
when you look in the refrigerator
and you think you have two pears
and you only have one pear
and it says I am an apple
and it is holding a knife
to the throat of a pear
that’s saying Please Help Me
and you say to yourself
I guess I have one apple
and one pear after all not
two pears and no apples
or maybe two pears and
one pear wants to be an apple
I guess I also have a knife
a knife oh so terrible

RICKY GARNI is a graphic designer living in Carrboro, North Carolina. His work can be found in Evergreen Review, Camel Saloon, Used Furniture Review, Orion Headless,  and other places. His latest work, LANA CANTRELL, is an internet hit. He didn’t know that many people knew her, but know he knows that many people do or would like to.