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N. SOUCEK, a post-graduate student at Bristol University (UK), writes and draws the comic MisComp. It is in this capacity that he is also a regular contributor to the internationally distributed cycling zine Boneshaker. N. Soucek’s creative aspiration is to sneak up behind cliches, tap them on the shoulder, and run away before they catch on; but can generally just be found fabricating a nostalgia for a time he never knew.


AROUND NOON by George Bishop

When he died
someone had to remove
his watch, which many believe
was his actual cause of death.
Still in the shape of his wrist,
with his wilting scent nearby,
the seconds passed.
Just some piece of time
now, it, too, will stop
one day, come apart.
It’ll be shaken
for a few moments
as if the past should
appear or the future
might change.
And they do.

GEORGE BISHOP was raised on the Jersey Shore before moving to Florida in 1985. Recent work has appeared in Merge Review, White Pelican Review and Philadelphia Stories. His chapbook, Love Scenes, was released by Finishing Line Press in November 2009.