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AIRPORT #1 by Russell Streur

Mr. Ordinary
At the security gate
Pulls off his shoes
And with them
Come his feet
Surprising not in the least
Ms. Next In Line
Who sheds her arches and her cuneiforms
With barely a tug
The rest of us
Learn soon enough
Bleeding out
On a common day without complaint
As if we always wanted to be
Cold and pale ghosts
Tibial bones exposed
On thin
Red ice.

RUSSELL STREUR is a resident of Atlanta, Georgia. His works have appeared in 63 Channels, The American Dissident, Black-Listed Magazine, Camroc Press Review, Censored Poets, Half Drunk Muse, Juked, Lost, Megaera, Opium Poetry, Poets Democracy, Raving Dove, Sleep. Snort. Fuck., Poems Niederngasse (Switzerland), The Blanket (Ireland), and other publications.

He edits The Camel Saloon, a bar for dromedaries, malcontents and jewels of the world. The first drink is on the house.



I slide through
with the grace
of a wayward
scan guidebooks
and champagne bottles
with suicidal
fanaticism.  The
leviathan chases stoplights.

JESSICA OTTO lives in Arkansas with her husband and many cats.   She enjoys shopping in thrift stores and taking naps when she is not writing.